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We know all MMA fans will be relishing Sunday’s SWFC 8 at The Venue in Torquay.

So, in anticipation of another great night of no-holds barred (literally!) action, we present Fightworx’s Chris Melhuish’s reaction after his Welterweight victory over Chay Ingram on 14th July at SWFC 7.

Sport South Devon: Take us through your fight!

Chris Melhuish: I knew that Chay wanted to stand and fight with me because from what I’ve heard, he’s not a great grappler. So I thought I would test him standing and if I didn’t feel confident standing, I would take him down. He caught me with some big shots so I had to take him down to the ground to do what I do best, which is jiujitsu and wrestling.

“He’s a tough guy; he’s a lot tougher than I expected; he’s strong.”

“If you want to be good at something, you’ve got to play the best. That’s what I try and do.” – Chris Melhuish (Fightworx)

SSD: “You seemed to get extra support tonight. I think people realised it was a tough one; did that drive you on?

CM: “When I took the fight at the beginning, I knew it was a tough fight but to get better you’ve got to fight good guys, right? There are some shows locally where a Pro gets put up against an amateur which is ridiculous; it’s not fair. If you want to be good at something, you’ve got to play the best. That’s what I try and do.”

SSD: “On the whole, a great night for Fightworx?”

CM: “An awesome night for Fightworx. I think ‘fight of the night’ goes to Lee Rolls. It’s been a good night so far; Jack Shelton’s the only loser [Ed – at time of interview] but he put on an awesome performance and if I’d lost the way Jack did, I would be proud too.

“I think I’ve injured my ankle a little bit, but it will be better in a couple of weeks.”

SSD: “Do you end up feeling it the next day after one of these fights?”

CM: “Yeah, man, definitely. Right now I still feel fine apart from a bit of a bad ankle. Tomorrow I will wake up with a sore shoulder, a little bruised eye or something like that but it’s definitely worth it. I don’t feel nothing at the time; if someone punches you in the face, with all the adrenaline going, your head just wobbles, that’s it.”






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