64th Torbay Hockey Festival

64th Torbay Hockey Festival

On Friday 18th March the 64th Annual Torbay Hockey Festival will commence with 15 teams taking part from around the country over the Easter bank holiday weekend.

The Festival was set up to provide a weekend of enjoyment for Hockey Players back in 1950 and this weekend we still see clubs coming back to the bay that attended that first event.

This years festival, will be the first after the passing of the committees past president, the late John Grundy. Although John will not be with us in person, we are sure he will be there in mind, current President Nicole Amil told Sport South Devon.

The match will take place over three venues. Clennon Valley in Paignton, Torquay Girls Grammar School and Dawlish Hockey Pitch at Sandy Lane Leisure Centre. The headquarters for the festival, as usual, will be hosted by the Redcliffe Hotel in Paignton.

Matches start at 10am on each of the three days and the games will be concluded by 4.45pm on Friday, Saturday & Sunday. Easter Monday sees an earlier finishes of 1pm.

During the 4 day event, the teams will play for two overall trophies. The first is for the Most Goals Scored and the second is for the Fair Play award.

Fixtures for the weekend events can be seen below. 

GOOD FRIDAY 18th April:

Time Fixture Ground Pitch Result
10.00 Bluebottles vs Esandars TGGS B
10.00 Villians vs Old Gobblers Dawlish C
10.15 Stags vs Bullies Clennon A
11.15 Buffaloes vs Pink Panthers TGGS B
11.15 Cleevillians vs Spirochaetes Dawlish C
11.30 Normans vs Oddfellows Clennon A
12.30 Midwives vs Old Wulfs TGGS B
12.30 Torreadors vs Wolves Dawlish C
13.45 Buffaloes vs Bluebottles TGGS B
13.45 Spirochaetes vs Villains Dawlish C
14.15 Normans vs Stags Clennon A
15.00 Pink Panthers vs Midwives TGGS B
15.00 Old Gobblers vs Torreadors Dawlish C
15.30 Future Hockey Players Clennon A
16.15 Old Wulfs vs Esandars TGGS B
16.15 Wolves vs Cleevillians Dawlish C
16.30 Oddfellows vs Bullies Clennon A


Time Fixture Ground Pitch Result
 10.00  Normans vs Spirochaetes  Clennon A
10.00 Cleevillians vs Torreadors TGGS B
10.30 Midwives vs Buffaloes Dawlish C
11.15 Wolves vs Bluebottles Clennon A
11.15 Villains vs Oddfellows TGGS B
11.45 Bullies vs Esandars Dawlish C
12.30 Pink Panthers vs Stags Clennon A
12.30 Old Wulfs vs Old Gobblers TGGS B
13.45 Bluebottles vs Normans Clennon A
13.45 Torreadors vs Villains TGGS B
14.30 Midwives vs Bullies Dawlish C
15.00 Spirochaetes vs Pink Panthers Clennon A
15.00 Old Wulfs vs Cleevillians TGGS B
15.45 Esanders vs Buffaloes Dawlish C
16.15 Stags vs Wolves Clennon A
16.15 Oddfellows vs Old Gobblers TGGS B

EASTER SUNDAY  20th April:

Time Fixture Ground Pitch Result
10.15 Pink Panthers vs Oddfellows Clennon A
10.15 Old Gobblers vs Wolves TGGS B
10.15 Bluebottles vs Torreadors Dawlish C
11.30 Esandars vs Cleevillians Clennon A
11.30 Stags vs Spirochaetes TGGS B
11.30 Old Wulfs vs Buffaloes Dawlish C
12.45 Villains vs Midwives Clennon A
14.00 Cleevilians vs Pink Panthers Clennon A
14.00 Bullies vs Spirochaetes TGGS B
14.15 Bluebottles vs Old Wulfs Dawlish C
15.15 Normans vs Esandars Clennon A
15.15 Wolves vs Midwives TGGS B
15.30 Torreadors vs Buffaloes Dawlish C


Time Fixture Ground Pitch Result
10.00 Buffaloes vs Old Gobblers Clennon A
11.15 Midwives vs Bluebottles Clennon A
11.15 Oddfellows vs Esandars TGGS B
12.30 Old Wulfs vs Torreadors Clennon A
12.30 Stags vs Pink Panthers TGGS B

Sport South Devon will be going around some of the matches over the easter period, so look out for updates and photos from the matches taking place. 

Good luck to all the teams taking part in this years event. 



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